Physiotherapy uses series of exercises, techniques, and machines to help minimize or eliminate pain.  Physiotherapy helps you to feel better, but also maximizes recovery and helps return you back to a healthy lifestyle.  Physiotherapy helps prevent problems from recurring and is an important part of recovery process after surgical procedures.

Each patient undergoes an initial physical assessment to determine soft tissue injuries, orthopaedic injuries, neurological status and functional limitations by a qualified registered physiotherapist. This may take place in the outpatient clinic or in the home.   Appropriate treatment plans are patient specific and are determined from the assessment.  These treatment plans include long and short-term goals are developed.  Continuous reassessment and ongoing physiotherapy treatment help to reduce pain and inflammation. Treatments are safe and effective.  We use outcome measures and evidence based practice to continually improve our quality of care.  To ensure the best for our patients, we educate you about your injury and we make sure you understand your specific treatment plan.

Early mobilization of joints, postural correction, injury specific exercises and use of hydrotherapy (pool) therapy are all instrumental in progressing clients to return to full activity.  An individual exercise program is formulated and progressed to encourage client improvement. When able, the client is progressed to resisted activity in the beginners’ gym and/or performance gym depending on the client’s ability and the level of activity required by the client’s work/school/sport.

Hydrotherapy is used for clients unable to tolerate gravity-resisted exercise, for clients unable to weight bear, for seniors who need easier resisted exercise and for children who are injured and need a more stimulating environment to exercise in.

Physiotherapy is beneficial for people who are suffering from sports injuries, soft tissue injuries resulting in pain, stiffness and weakness. Post-surgical cases following knee, shoulder, hip or any other orthopaedic surgeries are rehabilitated back to normal activities of daily living with the assistance of our registered physiotherapists. Clients who have been involved in Motor vehicle accidents or have back and neck pain, headaches, repetitive strain injuries, arthritis or fibromyalgia will find beneficial results from physiotherapy treatment.

Concussion management:  Baseline testing is the most important thing to have done prior to beginning a sports season on a yearly basis.  A baseline test is a battery of tests that measures every area of brain function that could potentially become affected following a concussion (you need more than computer tests!).  Comprehensive baseline testing and post injury diagnosis and injury management with post-concussion syndrome rehabilitation are offered.  Please see Concussion tab for more information.



The Kinesiologist at Pickering Sports Medicine & Wellness Centre is very active in the patient’s progression of exercise therapy.  The Kinesiologist works in conjunction with the Physiotherapist to establish a personalized rehabilitation program for our patients. They reassess on a continual basis and adjust the program accordingly.  The Kinesiologist accompanies the patient into the gym or pool to better supervise the exercise program.  In this way, patients perform their exercises with the best positioning and are given one on one supervision.  Higher quality outcomes are achieved with this direct approach.